Saturday, January 11, 2014

SwissGrid Pro Released

A new year and a new app: SwissGrid Pro was just released!

After more than 20'000 downloads of the original SwissGrid app, it was time to provide our users with an even better app. It still allows to show Swiss coordinates of the current position, convert between the WGS and Swiss grid format, determine coordinates on a map, and use a compass. SwissGrid Pro now adds many useful features to the original version:

  • Direction: Enter the coordinates of your destination, then this new function shows the direction and distance from your current position to your destination on a compass. The direction screen can be invoked from the map or from manual coordinate entry.
  • Save list: Need to remember the coordinates of a place? No problem with this new feature: just click the 'star'-icon on the map screen and the selected place can be saved with any name. All previously saved locations can be marked on the map by just selecting them from the list.
  • Share: The share function makes is very easy to send coordinates selected on the map to a friend. Just click the mail icon and a list with all installed email/sms/messaging/... programs ist displayed.
  • Clipboard: By tapping the leftmost icon on the map, the coordinates of the selected point on the map are copied to the clipboard. This allows to easily transfer them to any other app on the device.
Find it on Google Play: SwissGrid Pro
Direct access from Android devices: SwissGrid Pro

Also a small update of the original SwissGrid app is now available. It makes the compass more reliable and fixes some map display issues.

Both SwissGrid and SwissGrid Pro are now also available in German.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SwissGrid Update

Finally, a major update for 'SwissGrid' is available.

The new user interface is now much simpler to use. The main screen still allows to display the GPS position in SwissGrid coordinates. By simply switching into the manual mode (using the large button on top) you can enter any coordinates in Swiss grid or WGS and convert them into the other format. The primary supported WGS format is Deg/Min/Sec, but you can also enter decimal values into the Deg field and leave Min/Sec blank.

The location (entered manually or received from GPS) can then be shown on an integrated Google map view. Clicking on any point on the map shows you its Swiss coordinates.

The map now supports both satellite and map view. You can switch between those two views by pressing the menu button and select the corresponding option.

As a new feature, a compass is now available. As always when using a compass, make sure to stay clear of any strong magnetic fields (power lines, metallic objects,... ). If the needle is not stable and jumps, a new calibration is needed. To do this, move your device in a figure 8, i.e. changing its direction several times by 180°.

Have fun!

It's available on Google Play: SwissGrid
Direct access from Android phones: SwissGrid

Please leave comments, problem reports or suggestions below. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


DroidsOnFire presents its first Android app:

'SwissGrid' converts your location received from GPS into Swiss grid coordinates (aka Schweizer Landeskoordinaten, Schweizer Koordinaten, CH1903). So when you're out there hiking or biking with a good old Swiss paper map, use this app to determine your exact location on your map.

Additional features of the app are manual translation from Swiss grid to WGS and displaying the location of manually entered Swiss coordinates on Google maps.

Get the app on Android market, it's free.

If you have any comments or suggestions for new features, please post here.