Wednesday, March 24, 2010


DroidsOnFire presents its first Android app:

'SwissGrid' converts your location received from GPS into Swiss grid coordinates (aka Schweizer Landeskoordinaten, Schweizer Koordinaten, CH1903). So when you're out there hiking or biking with a good old Swiss paper map, use this app to determine your exact location on your map.

Additional features of the app are manual translation from Swiss grid to WGS and displaying the location of manually entered Swiss coordinates on Google maps.

Get the app on Android market, it's free.

If you have any comments or suggestions for new features, please post here.


  1. Works as deisgned!
    Great work, thx!

  2. Hallo, super Progi. Aber etwas fehlt noch. Kann man nicht die CH-Koordinatendaten abspeichern? ZB in eine txt-Datei auf der SD-Card, so als eine Art Snapshot der aktuellen Koordinaten.

    Merci und Gruss